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Back Order Giveaway

We appreciate all of our customers and especially those that are willing to wait for their orders!

Like everyone else over the last year, we were hit with a supply chain wall that impacted our ability to source materials. We have been working around the clock for months, doing everything we can to catch back up with our backorders. Things are definitely looking up, but with our demand is constantly increasing, so we have a little bit more to go before we will be ahead.

As a way to say thanks to those that are willing to continue supporting us, even if their order is going to be a bit late, we are going to give those people something special. We even have something for those whose orders aren't on back order, keep reading!


Here's who qualifies for the giveaway

Orders, ONLY from, that haven't shipped in 10+ days.

New orders on that an item in the cart was listed as "backorder" or "preorder", and was completed after March 20th, 2021. 


What is being given away?

Orders with a total cart value of:

$100-$200 FREE Hat

$200-500 FREE Shirt

$500-$1000 FREE Shirt and Hoodie

$1000+ FREE Hat, Shirt, Hoodie and Stickers


Wait! What about everyone else?

We are also doing another giveaway on top of what was just mentioned. For those that order anything on after March 20th, 2021, they will be entered into a drawing for $500 and a TOW POINT!!

Every dollar spent will be one entry into our drawing. For those who purchased an item on backorder, they will receive 5 entries for every dollar spent. 


We want everyone to know, you will all get your orders, it may just come a little bit later than you hoped. 

Thanks again for all the love and support!

 -Yankum Ropes