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Yankum Ropes

Yankum Trail Bag

Yankum Trail Bag

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Tired of your off-road adventures leaving a trail of trash? Meet your new co-pilot: the Yankum Trail Bag. It's here to make sure your only footprints in nature are from your wheels and feet, not your snack wrappers.

Key Features:

Sturdy Mesh Construction: Built tough to hold your trash through all your wild rides. Perfect for stashing all the junk you accumulate on your off-road adventures.

Spacious and Lightweight: Big enough to stash your garbage but light enough to forget it’s there.

Easy Attachment: Slap it on any off-road vehicle – Jeeps, ATVs, or even that homemade contraption you swear is street-legal. 

Quick-Drain Design: Rain or shine, this bag keeps your trash dry and stink-free. Let the liquids flow out, not the odors.

Trail Trash Be Gone!

Clip our Mesh Trash Bag to your ride and become the trail-tidying hero your off-road squad never knew they needed. 

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