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Large to small operations, we got you covered. Our gear meets the demanding requirements in Farming, Construction, Towing, and Mining operations.


Looking to carry the best USA made recovery gear in the industry? Yankum Ropes is seen across media being used by some very well known faces that helps drive traffic to your storefront. Having our product accessible locally is important.


Have an established brand and want to offer recovery gear with your own logo and color options? Let's talk! Yankum Ropes can be made in every color scheme imaginable.


Looking to offer Yankum gear on your website, or from a storefront catalog? We can ship products for you, straight to the consumer. So easy!


Our recovery gear is designed to MIL-Spec, making it easy to provide exactly what our heroes need. We've been supplying recovery gear to the Navy, the National Guard, and other service personnel for years - proud to support those who serve our country.


When it comes to spending the tax payers hard earned dollars it’s important to purchase proven, trusted gear that is safe. Not only is Yankum Ropes Recovery Gear safe and easy to use, it’s also less jarring on vehicles doing recoveries and their tow points. 


Customize a rope and tag with your brand. Ask us how!


With a wide selection of products from large kinetic recovery ropes, winch line, and other MTO slings, we provide the highest quality gear to fit the needs of any business. Our experienced staff is available to answer any questions and provide advice on the best products, specific to your business. Competitive prices and fast shipping. We have supplied dozens of large scale organizations and continue to surpass expectations.