Yankum Clan

Jade Schenk

Meet Jade, the managing partner of Yankum Ropes. Collector of shoes, guns, and cool rigs. This guy knows how to have a good time! When he's not busy running his company, Jade can be found spending quality time with his family, exploring new places, and putting his trusty Gladiator through its paces. But don't be fooled by his laid-back attitude – Jade is a business-building wizard! He's worked with some seriously awesome people and has a knack for turning ideas into reality. So if you're ever in need of some entrepreneurial advice, this shoe-loving, gun-toting, adventure-seeking OG is the guy to talk to.

Best part about the job... "The rewards of having a well put together staff and providing a top notch American product. And seeing employees grow and become successful."


Alan Clawson

Alan likes skittles, rock n' roll and long drives in the desert with Andrea and his two daughters. This habit lead to the founding and creation of Yankum Ropes.  Along with a background in off-roading, he also loves design and engineering which was the catalyst for bringing these great products to market.  Alan is the acting Managing Partner, Creative Director and Affiliate Relations manager for the company.

Best part about the job... "The whole enchilada! Bringing Jobs back to America! Signing up a new affiliate! Another happy customer! Living in a tiny town with big manufacturing excellence!"


Jason Shirley

Introducing Jason, the guy behind the scenes that does a little bit of everything. Are you reading this on our website right now? Thank Jason. He a pro at keeping our website in check, taking the perfect product pictures, and designing any crazy idea we can come up with. Jason is a happily married family man, outdoor enthusiast, and lover of his trusty Toyota Tacoma. When the snow starts falling, you can bet he's out there playing in the snow.. braapin around. And when the sun is shining, he's probably shredding the mountains on his mountain bike, taking in all the fresh air and stunning views.

Best part about the job... "I love working with Yankum, because I get paid to have fun! I also love making super high quality recovery gear available to everyone. Super cool to be part of a company that makes products from start to finish."


Shane Benson

Shane is the GM here at Yankum. Sorry guys, he's married! Even has 3 boys and 2 dogs all of which seem to have a farting issue! His dream day includes a quick pump at the gym, taking the top off the jeep and getting outdoors to mtn bike, hike, kayak or whatever keeps the guns out when the suns out. He also loves talking cordage.

Best part about the job.... "I love being a part of a company that isn't just talk, but walks the walk. I love seeing our company culture and the amazing people who make it happen every day."


Josh Anderson

Josh manages the warehouse crew because he's well versed in the art of wrestling and has been know to toss unruly adults around like rag-dolls. At one point, it was just Josh doing shipping, tying shackles, sewing tags, you name it. He loves riding motorcycles, archery, bow hunting and fishing, and even dabbles in a little pro arm wrestling. He's been married 14 years and has 5 kids. He enjoys off roading in his grungy Jeep Cherokee, Black Mold.

Best part about the job...  "The free swag! And of course all the people I work with."


Skylee George

Meet Skylee - the event coordinator and affiliate manager here at Yankum. This gal is a true adventurer at heart, who loves nothing more than camping, cruisin', and stargazing. She is a die hard OBS Ford fan, and loves her old F350 named Queen Bee. Skylee is happily married with a house full of wonderful pets and plants. It's no wonder she's always got a smile on her face - she's surrounded by all the things that make her happy!

Best part about the job... "Being able to express my creativity."


Mylee Miles

Meet Mylee, the ultimate snack-loving, iced coffee-sipping, inventory manager extraordinaire at Yankum Ropes! If you need something organized and in check, she's your gal. When she's not busy being the queen of inventory, Mylee loves nothing more than getting outdoors and having some fun. Whether she's tearing up the trails on her trusty side by side, hunting for the perfect catch, or just spending quality time with her adorable family, Mylee knows how to make the most of life. And let's not forget her sense of humor! Mylee is always quick with a joke or a witty quip to keep everyone laughing. So if you need a smile on your face, just swing by Mylee's desk and let the good times roll.

Best part about the job... "Yankum is family oriented and makes the work environment fun."


Jenna McCarthy

Say hello to Jenna, our shipping guru and resident rock enthusiast! She's been making sure our packages get where they need to go, so you know she's got the skills to pay the bills. When Jenna's not busy ruling the shipping department, she's out there living her best life in the great outdoors. Whether she's scaling mountains and collecting rocks (seriously, her rock collection is rock solid), casting her line and reeling in the big ones, or just wandering through nature with her trusty sidekick Holstein, Jenna knows how to get her adventure on. Speaking of Holstein, that furry little springer spaniel is basically Jenna's partner in crime. They're like Batman and Robin, only cuter and with more tail wagging. You can always spot them on the trails together, with Holstein leading the way and Jenna close behind, rock hammer in hand and ready for action.

Best part about the job... "The ropes, they speak to me!"


Daniel Shoen

Introducing Dan the man - our resident Machine Master. This guy can do it all, from splicing and lashing ropes like a pro, running the braiding machines, to fixing just about anything you throw his way. If it needs doing, Dan's the man for the job. But when he's not busy being a warehouse wizard, Dan's got a serious need for speed. That's right, he's a Harley Davidson fanatic with not one, but TWO of those bad boys in his garage. There's nothing he loves more than hitting the open road and feeling the wind in his hair (and beard, because let's be real, Dan's beard is epic). And when Dan's not riding off into the sunset, he's usually out there in the great outdoors with his lovely wife. Whether they're casting their lines and reeling in the big ones, stalking their prey and bringing home the bacon (or venison, as the case may be), or tearing up the trails in their trusty 4x4, Dan and his hunny know how to have a good time.

Best part about the job...  "It's a really nice place to work.

and going home."


 Valentina Quintana

Let me introduce you to Valentina - the one and only OG soft shackle maker at Yankum Ropes! She's got some serious skills when it comes to those things. When she's not weaving her magic with cordage, you can find Valentina surrounded by her beloved house plants. She's like a plant whisperer - we can testify to this because she has saved some of our office plants! And as if that wasn't impressive enough, she's a crocheting and knitting pro, and her sweaters are out of this world. No wonder she is so good at making soft shackles!  

Best part about the job... "They treat us like family here"


Erica Cordova

Meet Erica, our splicing and lashing cordage superstar! She's the queen of getting those ropes all tied up and ready for their big dip, so you know you're in good hands with her on the job. But when Erica's not busy being the boss of the cordage, she's out there living her best life and racking up those frequent flyer miles. This girl is a travel fiend, always seeking out new adventures and exploring new places. Whether she's hiking through the mountains, casting her line into a crystal-clear lake, or just settling down with a good book (or three), Erica knows how to make the most of life. And when she's not reading, you can usually find her regaling her coworkers with tales of her latest and greatest adventures, like that one time she went to Colorado and had the most amazing time ever. If you need some cordage lashed or just want to swap travel stories and book recommendations, Erica's your gal. She's always up for a good laugh and a great conversation.

Best part about the job... "Love working with a team. Not a lot of work places are team players."


Jared Alvarez

Meet Jared - our very own jack-of-all-trades (and master of most!). This guy can do it all, from making soft shackles to fabricating and welding just about anything you can dream up. Need a new tool or a custom part? Jared's got you covered. But when he's not busy being the handyman hero of the shop, Jared's out there living life in the fast lane. When it comes to finding the ultimate ride, Jared knows just where to go. The Albion Grade is his go-to spot for getting his motor running and feeling the wind in his hair. With its twisting turns and scenic vistas, it's the perfect place to let loose and feel alive. Whether you need some welding done or just want to talk horsepower and high-speed hijinks, Jared's your man. He's always ready to lend a hand and share a laugh, and he's got the skills and the attitude to make even the toughest jobs seem like a breeze.

Best part about the job...  "Room for growth, incentive pay and compensation for hard work."


Stone Pruett

Introducing Stone, the man, the myth, the cordage-measuring legend! He's part of our splicing and lashing crew, and he knows his way around a good knot like nobody's business. But let's be real, the thing that really sets Stone apart is his cool factor. This guy is the epitome of chill, with a laid-back attitude that just can't be beat. When he's not busy lashing ropes and being generally awesome, Stone loves to hit the road in his trusty Honda Civic, affectionately known as Vader. This car is his pride and joy, and he'll tell you all about it! Of course, no road trip is complete without a killer soundtrack, and Stone knows how to rock out with the best of them. He's got a soft spot for classic rock and roll, and you can bet he's got some serious air guitar skills to match.When he's not behind the wheel, Stone likes to kick back and relax with some video games, movies, or just hanging out with his buddies. 

Best part about the job... "The company lunch we do every month, and just the culture in general."


Jolene Higley

Meet Jolene, the fabulous customer service pro at Yankum Ropes! If you've ever called in, chances are you've chatted with this gem.. But don't let her charming demeanor fool you - she's also a creative force to be reckoned with! In her free time, Jolene loves bringing old-school items back to life with a modern twist. Seriously, this girl can transform just about anything into a work of art! From antique furniture to groovy clothing and even trendy home decor, there's nothing Jolene can't do. But wait, there's more! Jolene is also a proud owner of a Jeep Wrangler named Dolly. Yep, she loves nothing more than taking Dolly out for a spin and experiencing the great outdoors. So, if you ever need help from Yankum Ropes, just give Jolene a call - she'll make sure to rope you in with her charm and creativity!

Best Part about the job … “Being the Yankum mom. When you got a problem, you call mom”.


Dawson Pardun

Dawson, the knot-tying, soft-shackle-slinging superstar of Yankum! When he's not busy crafting the best recovery gear this side of the Mississippi, you might catch him doing a little dog-and-family bonding with Sandy and his loved ones. And when the sun sets, and the stars come out to play, you'll find Dawson battling it out in the virtual world, slaying foes and taking names in his favorite video games. All hail Dawson, the ultimate soft shackle crew member and all-around cool dude!

Best part about the job … "I like how they care about the employees."


Ricardo Juarez

Ricardo, the soft shackle extraordinaire! He's not only a master at creating these nifty little knots, but he's also a family man with six kids! Yep, you heard that right, six! When he's not busy tying knots, he loves to spend time outside, digging in the dirt and tending to his garden. If you're ever in need of a gardening tip or a soft shackle, Ricardo is your guy. He's got skills for days and a smile that could light up a room. His happy marriage and beautiful family are a testament to the fact that he knows how to tie a knot that will last a lifetime. So, next time you're in the great outdoors, keep an eye out for Ricardo and his soft shackles. 

Best part about the job … "I like making soft shackles."


Ethan Kemp

Ethan, the coolest member of the soft shackle gang. This guy knows how to party like there's no tomorrow! When he's not busy tying knots or partying (not at work of course, chill HR), you can find him jamming out to some alternative rock. And guess what's his all-time favorite song? "Say it Ain't so" by Weezer, of course! Winter or summer, Ethan always finds a way to have fun. In the winter he likes to shred the slopes on his snowboard, and in the summer he's all about rock climbing. This guy is not afraid to take risks, both on and off the rocks! You want to have a good time and learn a thing or two about soft shackles? Ethan is your guy! Just make sure to bring your dancing shoes and your adventurous spirit because with Ethan, anything can happen!

Best Part about the job … "Gettin Paid"


Carolina Lopez

Carolina, the queen of splicing and lashing! Not only can she expertly splice and lash cordage like a pro, but she's also a supermom with four kiddos and one more on the way! She loves whipping up some delicious treats in the kitchen or exploring the great outdoors with her family. This lady can cook up a storm and bake like nobody's business! And if you're looking for an adventure, Carolina is always up for exploring nature, fishing, and camping. So, if you need some expert splicing and lashing done or just want to hang out with a super cool mom who can do it all, look no further than Carolina!

Best part about the job … "I really love what I do. And Yankum cares about the employees."


Rosa Juarez

Rosa, part of the splicing and lashing cordage crew. Not only is she a master of knots and ropes, but she's also a devoted mom of five and grandma to eight adorable munchkins. But when summer rolls around, Rosa knows how to kick back and relax. She fires up the grill and invites her family over for a good old-fashioned barbeque. And let's just say, her burgers are so good, they'll have you drooling like Luna, her cute little pup. Speaking of Luna, she's Rosa's constant companion when she's not on the job. Together, they love to shop 'til they drop and explore new places. And with Rosa's infectious energy and bubbly personality, there's never a dull moment when she's around. If you ever need a knot expert or a BBQ buddy, just give Rosa a shout. She's got you covered!

Best part about the job … "I really enjoy lashing. And the company is honest and treats us well."


Susan Garnica

Susan is one hardworking gal who's part of the splicing and lashing crew. But don't let her tough exterior fool you, she's also single and ready to mingle. That's right folks, Susan's living her best life and loving every minute of it. When she's not busy kicking butt on the job site, Susan likes to kick back and relax with a good book. And not just any book, she's all about those self-betterment reads. Who needs a man when you've got personal growth, am I right? But wait, there's more! Susan's not just a reader, she's also a chef extraordinaire. She can whip up a mean soufflé faster than you can say "bon appétit". And if that's not enough, she even makes time for exercise. That's right, she's a multitasking genius! 

Best part about the job … "Everyone can work at their own pace, there’s not a lot of pressure as long as the work gets done."


Perla Garnica

Perla isn't just your average Jane - she's actually part of the "splicing and lashing cordage gang." I don't know about you, but that sounds like some kind of secret society to me! But wait, there's more! She loves nothing more than taking a dip and swimming to her heart's content. And when she's not making waves in the pool, you can bet she's dancing up a storm. But here's the kicker: Perla's love for music doesn't just stop at dancing. Oh no, this girl is a true music enthusiast. Give her some beats to bop to and she'll be the happiest camper you ever did see. If you ever find yourself in need of some cordage work done, you know who to call. Just look for Perla and her gang of splicing and lashing pros. And who knows, if you're lucky, maybe you'll catch her doing the cha-cha while splicing a rope or two.

Best part about the job … "The company culture and welcoming environment."


Remington Blauer

Remington, our dedicated splicer and lasher. Hailing from Southern Idaho, this guy knows how to fix up the perfect rope faster than you can say "spaghetti." When he's not busy working, you can find him nose-deep in a sci-fi or fantasy novel, transported to a world far, far away. But don't let his bookworm tendencies fool you - he's also a master of TTRPA, the tabletop role-playing game that's taken the world by storm. And if that wasn't enough, he's got some serious pipes and loves to belt out orchestral rock tunes. Next time you need a knot tied or a spell cast, call on Remington - he's got you covered!

Best part about the job … "Having a therapeutic work load. A lot less stressful than most jobs I’ve worked. Yes there is a quota but you’re not being throttled to get things done."


Maria Garnica

Maria! She's part of the ultimate splicing and lashing crew - no rope is too tough for her and her team! But when she's not busy wrangling cordage, Maria is a dedicated family woman. She's happily married and proud to say that all three of her kiddos work with her (talk about a family business!). And when Maria's not on the job, you'll most likely find her strolling through nature's finest, taking in all the beauty that surrounds her. Maria's also got some serious culinary skills up her sleeve. When she's not out exploring, she's probably whipping up some delicious homemade bread that will have your taste buds doing a happy dance. So there you have it, folks! Maria's got the strength, the heart, and the kitchen skills to make her a true superhero in our book.

Best part about the job … "I love the company and the environment here."


Randy Gillette

Meet Randy, the paint room guru who's got it all figured out! This guy takes his job seriously, and when it comes to painting ropes, he's the man with the plan. You won't catch him dipping anything less than perfection! But when he's not busy painting, Randy's out exploring nature, hiking up mountains and enjoying the great outdoors. His favorite spot? Yellowstone, of course! He can't get enough of those geysers and hot springs. And don't even get us started on Randy's taste in music. This guy is all over the map! Whether he's headbanging to death metal or two-stepping to country tunes, he's always up for a good beat. And speaking of two-stepping, did you know that Randy used to be a country dance instructor? That's right, he can teach you how to line dance with the best of 'em! So if you're ever in need of a great paint job, a hiking buddy, or a dance partner, Randy's your guy. He's got the skills, the moves, and the paintbrush to make it all happen!

Best part about the job … "Being part of the Yankum family. Everyone is great here."


Juan Manuel Garnica

Meet Juan, the splicing and lashing cordage extraordinaire! He's got a happy family of five, and guess what? They all work together! It's like a family reunion every day, but with more ropes and knots. Juan's just loving life right now - who wouldn't with a family like that? He enjoys quality time with his loved ones, taking the boat out on the river. He's a hiking enthusiast too, nothing like a good trek in the great outdoors to keep him in shape. And jeepin' - oh boy, Juan can't get enough of that! So, if you're ever looking for Juan, just follow the sound of laughter and the smell of fresh air. He'll be the guy with the rope in one hand and a big smile on his face.

Best part about the job ... "He loves being in the paint room painting the ropes"


Kylie Haynes

Meet Kylie, the sewing machine gal! Yep, you heard that right. She can stitch up a storm faster than you can say "needle and thread." But that's not all she's about, folks. Kylie's also an outdoor enthusiast. She's always up for a good fishing trip or a hike in the woods. And when winter rolls around, you'll find her shredding the slopes on her snowboard like a boss. Now, don't think for a second that Kylie's just a one-genre kind of gal. Nope, she's got musical tastes that range from gangster rap to classic rock. You name it, she'll jam to it. And let's not forget about Kylie's loyal companion, her mutt dog, Earl. So there you have it, folks. Kylie may be the sewing machine gal, but she's so much more than that. She's a nature-loving, music-blasting, snowboarding, dog-obsessed wonder woman! 

Best part about the job … "I love the atmosphere, my coworkers, and the efficiency."


Heyden Thacker

Heyden, He's the warehouse assistant manager who's always on the go! He's single, ready to mingle, and he's got not one, not two, but FIVE little ones running around. He's a real daredevil too, zooming around on his Chevy pickup or his motorcycle like there's no tomorrow. But Heyden's not just a speed freak; he's also a snowboarding enthusiast! When the winter rolls around, you'll find him shredding down the slopes and having a blast. Who says you can't have fun when it's cold outside? So, if you're looking for a guy who's always up for an adventure, Heyden's your man. Just be prepared to keep up with his fast-paced lifestyle, and maybe brush up on your snowboarding skills while you're at it!

Best part about the job … "I like it all"


Juan Garnica

Meet Juan, the braiding machine mastermind!  When he's not busy keeping the factory running smoothly, Juan can be found obsessing over his favorite thing in the world: diesel trucks, specifically his Cummins. But that's not all that gets Juan's motor running! He's also a river rat, and loves nothing more than spending his weekends boating on the calm waters. And what's a good boating trip without some tunes? Juan has got a killer sense of rhythm and knows all the best beats to keep the party going. If you ever need someone to keep your braiding machines humming, or if you want to talk diesel trucks and boating, Juan is your man!

Best part about the job … "The bosses accept our opinions and input."


Bryce Hale

Meet Bryce, the paint room Picasso! (Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you can't deny he's got some serious paint skills.) When Bryce isn't busy slapping on layers of paint, you can find him hanging out with his buds, living it up and enjoying life to the fullest. Bryce loves rock climbing and getting his daily dose of vitamin D outdoors, this guy knows how to have a good time. Speaking of good times, Bryce's musical taste is on point! He's all about those Beach Boys vibes.. Maybe he'll even bust out a little dance move or two while listening. But when it comes to food, Bryce's heart (and stomach) belongs to shrimp alfredo.  All in all, Bryce is a pretty cool dude. He's talented, fun-loving, and has a serious appreciation for delicious food. You can't help but like the guy!

Best part about the job … "Very welcoming and very kind staff.. And amazing ropes!"


Eli Alvarez

Meet Eli, the all-American guy of our wholesale team! He's the master of creating and maintaining business relationships. He's also creating quite a stir with his love for guns, girls, and Ford trucks. And let's not forget his passion for dirt bikes, off-roading, and, of course, slinging rope! When it comes to guns, Eli knows his stuff. If you need to defend your business against an alien invasion, he's your man!  Eli is a true adrenaline junkie. He loves the thrill of the ride, the challenge of the terrain, and the camaraderie of the off-road community.. So there you have it, folks. Eli is more than just a member of our wholesale team. He's a gunslinging, truck-driving, dirt-loving, rope-slinging, lady-charming, all-around American hero!

Best part about the job … "The bosses. The Yankum Way."


Tristan Barendregt

Tristan is like the Swiss Army Knife of our warehouse - he can do just about anything! He's a welding whiz, a mechanical mastermind, and a lover of all things Ford. When he's not tinkering with engines, you can find him cruising around on his street bike, blasting country and rock music.Some might call him a jack-of-all-trades, but we prefer to think of him as a Tristan-of-all-trades. Whether we need something fixed, fabricated, or welded, Tristan is always there to save the day. With his trusty wrench in hand and a rockin' tune in his ear, he's the ultimate handyman extraordinaire!

Best part about the job ... "Feeling valued as an employee"