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Yankum Ropes delivers extra linear force and added kinetic energy that give you the power of momentum. This rope was designed for professionals but made to serve anyone who needs an extra tug. This rope was built to get your ATV out of the mud and back on the trail (Or your buddies ATV that is always getting stuck, Am I right?). It’s built to stretch and perform.

This Mil-Spec quality product is made out of the best Double Braided rope. We use our “Code Red” Polymeric coating to protect against UV, water and abrasion as well as dip the eyes in a thick, protective polymer coating to ensure extended life where it matters most.

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At Yankum Ropes, we understand that quality recovery gear is an investment. That's why we're offering flexible financing options to help you get the best equipment without breaking the bank.

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"I couldn't do anything I do without these kinetic ropes" - Matt's Offroad Recovery Youtube Channel

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"Yankum Ropes makes my job easy! Best tool in the box!" - Casey Ladelle - Cascade Heavy Rescue Youtube Channel

What makes a Yankum rope?

  • Tandem 2 over 2 DOUBLE BRAIDED Experience the unmatched strength and durability of Yankum Rope's Tandem 2 over 2 Double Braided. Engineered for towing, rigging, and securing heavy loads, it ensures reliability in the toughest tasks.
  • USA MADE Yankum Rope proudly offers USA-made products, ensuring top quality, durability, and reliability. Crafted with precision and care, our ropes are engineered to meet the highest standards, providing peace of mind for all your towing, rigging, and securing needs.
  • Strongest in the industry Built to withstand the toughest conditions, our ropes deliver unrivaled strength and reliability. Trusted by professionals worldwide, Yankum Rope ensures unmatched performance for all your towing, rigging, and securing needs.