Yankum Clan

Yankum Clan

Jade Schenk

Jade is a managing partner for Yankum Ropes. He's a collector of shoes, guns, and cool rigs. Jade enjoys spending time with his family traveling, camping, and adventuring in the Gladiator. Jade has had the pleasure of building a number of businesses and working with some great people.

"Best part about the job..." The rewards of having a well put together staff and providing a top notch American product. And seeing employees grow and become successful.


Alan Clawson

Alan likes skittles, rock n' roll and long drives in the desert with Andrea and his two daughters, this habit lead to the founding and creation of Yankum Ropes.  Along with a background in offroading he also loves design and engineering which was the catalyst for bringing these great products to market.  Alan is the acting as a Managing Partner, Creative Director and Affiliate Relations manager for the company.

"Best part about the job..." It's the whole enchilada! Bringing Jobs back to America! Signing up a new affiliate! Another happy customer! Living in a tiny town with big manufacturing excellence!


Shane Benson

Shane is the operations manager here at Yankum. He's a gym junkie, loves mountain biking and being outdoors with his family and their dogs Moose and Scout. His favorite trip with his family was when they went to Costa Rica. Shane's been married 17 years and has 3 boys. His boys are all involved in sports and Shane is their #1 cheerleader at all of their games and events. 

"Best part about the job...." Helping the company grow, and the fun culture.


Josh Anderson

Josh is the hoodlum wrangler, AKA he manages the warehouse crew. Before building our little empire here, it was just Josh.. shipping, tying shackles, sewing tags, you name it. He loves riding motorcycles, archery, bow hunting and fishing, and even dabbles in a little pro arm wrestling. He's been married 14 years and has 5 kids. He enjoys off roading in his grungy Jeep Cherokee, Black Mold.

"Best part about the job..."  The free swag! And of course all the people I work with.


Skylee George

Skylee is the retail manager here at Yankum. In her freetime, Skylee enjoys being outdoors camping, cruisin, and stargazing. She is a die hard OBS Ford fan, and loves her old F350 named Queen Bee. Skylee is happily married with a house full of wonderful pets and plants.

"Best part about the job..." Being able to express my creativity.


Mylee Miles

Mylee is our customer service professional. If you've called us, you've probably talked to her. Mylee loves snacks and iced coffee. She was born and raised here in Southern Idaho. Mylee enjoys spending time outdoors riding side by sides, hunting, and spending time with her family. She is happily married with two kids.

"Best part about the job...." Yankum is family oriented and makes the work environment fun.


Jenna McCarthy

Jenna is our shipping expert. She has been working in shipping and recieving for 5 years. She loves rocks, hiking, fishing, and exploring the outdoors. Her adventure buddy is Holstien, her springer spaniel.

"Best part about the job..." The ropes, they speak to me!


Daniel Shoen

Dan the man is a man of many talents. He does a number of things for us around the warehouse but is especially good at splicing and lashing the ropes. Dan loves Harley Davidson motorcycles. He has two and says his favorite thing to do is go for a ride. He's been happily married for 19 years and loves to spend time with his hunny fishing, hunting, and 4wheeling.

"Best part about the job..." It's a really nice place to work.

and going home.


Erica Cordova

Erica is the lash master. She lashes the ropes before they are sent over to get dipped. Erica loves to travel, spend time outdoors, go fishing, and read. She says her favorite place she ever visited was colorado. She was born in Texas, raised in Wyoming, and ended up with us here in Southern Idaho.

"Best part about the job..." Love working with a team. Not a lot of work places are team players.


Jared Alvarez

Jared is like our handyman here at the shop. He can make a soft shackle, then turn around and fabricate and weld anything we need. He's been welding for about 3 years. He loves fast cars and motorcycles. Jared says his favorite place to go for a ride is the Albion Grade.

"Best part about the job..."  Room for growth, incentive pay and compensation for hard work.


Skyler Silcock

Skyler is another all around guy. He also welds/fabricates, builds relationships with our wholesale customers, and is pretty good on the sewing machine in the shop. He likes the outdoors, hunting, and off roading. He loves Ford trucks, and has a sweet tractor collection. Skyler is a family man that's been married for 3 years, raising one boy, and wrangling their two cocker spaniels. He loves fabricating and working with his hands.

"Best part about the job..." Being apart of a fun team, making and selling something I believe in"


Stone Pruett

Stone is on our shackle crew. Measuring the cordage, tying and securing knots, and just being cool. He loves his black Honda civic, Vader. When he's cruisin he likes listening to classic rock and roll. Stone likes playing video games, watching movies, and hanging out with his friends.

"Best part about the job..." The company lunch we do every month, and just the culture in general.


Andrea Gonzalez

Andrea is one of our paint professionals. She takes part in dipping the ropes. Outside of playing with paint at work she also love paint balling. She enjoys filming and capturing the beauty of the outdoors. Andrea also loves listening to music. If you walk into our paint booth you're bound to hear some great tunes.

"Best part about the job..." Being apart of making the ropes from scratch and seeing the customers happy.


Chuy Gonzalez

Chuy is another paint pro. He takes pride in making a top notch product. He enjoys spending time outdoors and stargazing. Chuy is a car guy who loves learning all there is to know about vehicles like tuning, maintenance, etc. He loves going to car meets and connecting with likeminded people. His dream car is a 2018 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG.

"Best part about the job..." The people here at Yankum


Maria Gonzalez

Maria is also part of the paint crew. She is very detail oriented and makes sure each rope is looking it's best before going to get tagged. Maria loves cooking at home. Her favorite meal to make is fried tacos. She also enjoys flowers, and gardening. Maria is family oriented and loves spending time with her family. She even likes working with her family, Andrea and Chuy are her two kids.

"Best part about the job..."  The people here at Yankum