Larson Farms uses Yankum Rope on the worlds largest grain cart

Larson Farms uses Yankum Rope on the worlds largest grain cart

Chet from Larson Farms shows us how it's done with a 2" rope.  Farming requires equipment that can handle hard work. Yankum Ropes are designed to handle even the toughest applications.  In the video, Chet mentions "These grain carts have upgraded 50" wide tracks the 2096 normally only have 42" wide tracks." Installing wider tracks on the grain cart help it float better and prevent deeper compaction on the soil. Wider tracks also help keep the implement from getting stuck, the problem was this part of the field was still too wet.

No matter the condition of the soil, farmers only have a narrow window in the year to complete harvest.  Even if the conditions are perfect for most of the land, many fields have wet spots or low areas that will historically get a tractor stuck.  Chet gives us an excellent insight into how much work goes into harvest season. With that, time becomes your scarcest commodity. After the recovery we got a call from Chet telling us everything worked flawlessly which is music to our ears!  

We love getting calls from happy farmers telling us that the recovery was smooth easy and fast.  Time is always against a farmer, and we do our best to be the best option to make farm recoveries fast and safe.  There have been several instances where a farmer has called us in a frantic saying "I heard you have the best farm tow rope in the world, I have broken every rope and chain in this county and I need you to overnight the biggest tow rope you got right now!" An overnight shipping bill for our largest rope isn't cheap, but when you compare the cost of a farm operation that has halted because of a stuck tractor, that shipping bill is a small price to pay. 

Every large diameter kinetic tow rope is built with only the highest standards of safety and care. You can find the same rope Chet used in this video here, we also hope you take the time to watch the video and see for yourself how well these ropes work on the farm. We strive to make sure Yankum Ropes is the best option for your farm. 


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