What goes into making a Yankum Ropes

What goes into making a Yankum Ropes

If you wondered why Yankum Ropes are so good at recoveries? Well, it's all about the ingredients, but most importantly the people making them. Yankum ropes use kinetic energy to increase your pulling force. It all starts by making precision yarn. We then take the yarn, and combine them into the strongest double braided ropes on the market. The nylon is then braided into a core, and jacket. The braided weave works like a finger trap. As you pull, the weave gets tighter. Once braided, we hand splice the eyes. Each rope is dipped in our containment coating, and this coating glues all the fibers together, and protects your rope from all the elements. 

We take pride in our ropes in making sure they perform the best when you need them the most.  When we make Yankum Ropes we check every step of the way and continuously quality control each rope to make sure it will out stretch, and out perform all of the other kinetic tow rope imitations on the market.  Our double braid weave is engineered so you can do running start recoveries in the worst weather conditions. 

Many people wonder why they might need a running start recovery. In many cases, the surface conditions near and around a vehicle that is stuck, is also slippery, therefore if you don't have traction, your only friend is momentum, and momentum is a very powerful friend.  Our kinetic tow ropes makes this principle of physics your greatest ally. 

Our favorite part of this process is at the very end after every rope is inspected and tagged we have Tony, our resident guitarist, play every rope a sweet melody of Rock n' Roll "the Warrior Anthem of Victory".  Trust us, there isn't a better way finish off the best tow rope on the internet.

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