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If you are new here, you might be wondering "What is a soft shackle and why would I want one?" Once again, you'll be entering to win a 7/16" soft-shackle worth $70. We make these in house using only the very best American Made HMPE winch-line. These are some of the easiest and safest pieces of recovery gear to have in your recovery kit, and trust me, you can never have too many of them. Soft shackles are light and super east to connect to your receiver tow point and your Yankum Rope or any other recovery point of the buried rig you are about to recover. One of the appeals to a Soft-Shackle vs a metal hard shackle it its weight and ease of use. They work great even if they are covered in mud, they also don't immediately sink to the bottom of the bounty mud hole you got roped into getting stuck in... keep in mind, our soft shackles are tested to be one of the strongest in the industry in their comparable sizes. The soft shackle you are entering to win is rated at a MBS of 45,500lbs. It's designed to work with the same recovery ropes for 1ton diesel trucks recovering semis and tractors! But it's also small enough to work in tight places.