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"Double Loop" Soft Shackle

"Double Loop" Soft Shackle

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Double the length, double the fun! This shackle is 20" when the loop is closed and 40" long when it is open. Why do you want this in your Recovery Gear Bag? 

  • The length of this soft shackle allows you to "double" it up by looping it around your connection point. This will nearly double the strength of the soft shackle.
  • Use its extra length for more maneuvering room (under stuck rigs) to get your kinetic rope or winch line attached and ready for a pull.
  • We added a 36" chafe sleeve to "double up" the abrasion protection.
  • HMPE synthetic fiber is pre-coated for UV, water, and abrasion protection so this soft-shackle will last a very long time as long as you don't swear at it too much, we can't protect its feelings with a coating. 
Size Recommendations

7/16" Diameter

MBS: 45,500 LBS in standard (single loop) configuration

Use with 7/8" and 1" Kinetic Rope / 3/8" and 7/16" Winch Line. 

5/16" Diameter

MBS: 37,100 LBS in standard (single loop) configuration

Use with 3/4" Kinetic Rope / 5/16" Winch Line

1 year limited warranty

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What is the difference between a Soft Shackle and a HD Soft Shackle?

The chafe protection is the only difference. The Soft Shackle features a tubular polyester chafe sleeve. It’s available in sizes ¼” to 1”. The HD Soft Shackle has a urethane elastomer dipped sleeve, designed to withstand abrasion and wear if your recovery point is “less than ideal”. The HD Soft Shackles are available in sizes 7/16” to 1”.

What is the difference between a Soft Shackle and a Double Loop Soft Shackle?

The length is the key difference. The Double Loop Soft Shackles (available in 5/16” and 7/16”) are about twice as long as the soft shackles. This allows you to attach to a hard to reach recovery point, or double it up for about twice the working load limit when winching or connecting ropes together.

Should I get Soft Shackles or Hard Shackles?

There are pros and cons to each shackle, so it really just comes down to what will work best for you and your probable situations. The Green Pin hard shackles are alloy metals, and they are very durable. But they can be quite heavy and clank around in your bag or tool box. However they are the most affordable option. The soft shackles are a very user friendly, universal attachment piece. Featuring a tubular polyester sleeve to protect the shackle from abrasive components. These are very flexible, made with HMPE rope.

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Why Soft Shackles

Traditional metal shackles can be cumbersome and potentially dangerous in recovery situations. Yankum's soft shackles, however, offer a safer and more flexible alternative. They are lightweight, easy to handle, and can adapt to various connection points, reducing the risk of damage to your vehicle. Unlike metal shackles, our soft shackles won't become lethal projectiles if a break occurs during recovery. With Yankum's soft shackles, you're investing in safety, versatility, and efficiency for your recovery arsenal.

Best Suited for

  • 5/8"-1" Heavy Machinery
  • 1/2" Heavy Overland to Service Trucks
  • 7/16" Jeeps to 1-Ton Diesels
  • 5/16" SXS/UTV 1/4" ATV

An Overlander's best friend (other than the dog)

An Overlander makes every bit of space count. Only the essentials make it in the rig. A soft shakle makes the short list as an item that should be brought along for any adventure, especially the unexpected.

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    The kind your mom wears on special occasions


    We support dozens of jobs right here in the USA


    The construction, material, and engineering, make this the best kinetic rope PERIOD