Roll Top Bag

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Roll Top Bag

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Our bag game just got better. We took our heavy duty ballistic nylon bag and equipped it with "Goldilocks" features........because they're just right.

We extended the length of our bags, squared out the bottom for things to sit a little prettier. With the extended length of the bag, you can now roll it down to the desired length, bring the clasps together and badda boom! Your gear is protected from the outside elements and is ready to be stored snuggly in your rig. Or maybe your gear just got pulled out of the mud and now the bag is protecting your truck from your gear. The possibilities are almost endless.

Check these specs out:

  • Ballistic Nylon - Because Terrorists!
  • Heavy Duty Denier for all Conditions
  • Urethane Coated
  • Water Repellent Fabric
  • Stronger than Cordura
  • Roll Top clasp to fit various size needs
  • Convenient hand strap for easy carry
  • Our XXL bag does NOT have a roll top, instead it has 2 cinch locations and TWO handles so TWO hombres can carry that puppy
 Rope Diameter Bag Size
1/2" X-Small
3/4" Small
7/8" Medium
1" Large
1-1/2" X-Large
2" XX-Large
2-1/2" XX-Large
// Klaviyo ATC Snippet