Heavy D uses the biggest Yankum Rope

Heavy D uses the biggest Yankum Rope

Heavy D himself and the Diesel Brothers use our biggest rope, the 2-1/2"x30' to pull the 5ton out of salt flat peanut butter! We were honored to have this opportunity to shine. There aren't very many times we get an opportunity for a large recovery to be documented so well.

If you have been to the Salt flats in Utah... you know... the peanut butter is bad... These salt flats are notoriously known for eating rigs alive and the bigger they are the deeper they sink. Heavy D has other videos of an entire excavator buried past the base of the cab, but that will be a future blog post... 

The Military 5ton is a very heavy rig and Dave got it buried to the axles! Just a week before, we had sent the Diesel Brothers a bunch of ropes. They were impressed but were very skeptical if the kinetic rope would hold up to their needs.  Well, needless to say, it worked, but it didn't just work, our rope worked on the first pull!  On our end it was just business as usual, but the reaction on Heavy D's face is PRICELESS!  With the success of this recovery we were then able to win the trust and recognition of the whole channel which then lead to the creation of the Brodozer Rope made specifically for diesel trucks.   

Dave Sparks is one of our best advocates of our recovery gear and what they are capable of.  Braiding cordage and hand splicing the perfect kinetic recovery rope requires the best materials and craftsmen in order to function properly.  When we get calls of 1" ropes pulling loaded semis our of the snow, it's a party at Yankum Ropes.  

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