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Yankum Ropes

5 Ft Dog Winch Leash

5 Ft Dog Winch Leash

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Is Fido getting a little aggressive and need to be winched in at times? Well look no further and feast your eyes on the DOG WINCH LEASH!

When you're out on a trail and puppers is ready to chase every raccoon, squirrel and porcupine in site make sure you have him connected to the absolute TOUGHEST DOG LEASH in the history of Doggo's!

You can even take a soft shackle and connect the pitbull to a tow point and let him do the recovering. Just take sure you are operating the correct working load.

If your dog can chew through steel cable, don't ask us if he will be able to chew through HMPE because yes, he can chew through synthetic fiber and probably needs a dog therapist.

Size Recommendations
  • Small: 1/4" Diameter  MBS: 250 Dogs
  • Medium: 5/16" Diameter  MBS: 350 Dogs
  • Large: 3/8" Diameter  MBS: 500 Dogs
  • X-Large: 7/16" Diameter  MBS: 750 Dogs
  • *The MBS is a fictional 
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